Management Team

Management Team


President Jeanette Oberg

Jeanette has been an enthusiastic member of the Choral Society since 2004 and was President from 2007 until 2011 and again since 2018.  Jeanette's mission is to ensure the ongoing viability and success of Mackay Choral Society by making sure that everything that needs to happen does happen.

 Vice President Ken Martin

 Ken is a Tenor and was President of Mackay Choral Society from 1983 until 2007 and again in 2015. During his, Presidency Ken was the driving force behind building our own premises, which were aptly named in his honour The Ken Martin Choral Centre.

Secretary Isobel Gillman

 Isobel joined Mackay Choral Society in 2012. Isobel was Secretary in 2015 and 2016 and has resumed this role in 2020. Isobel brings an unsurpassed level of professionalism and integrity to the Management Committee.

Treasurer Bernie Cheng

Bernie joined Mackay Choral Society in 2020. He has a beautiful tenor voice and has joined the midi creation team.

Musical Director Nicole Thomson

Nicole has been Mackay Choral Society's MD since 2016. The Musical Director only became part of the Management Committee in  2019. Traditionally the Management Committee is focused on the administration of the choir it has been invaluable having Nicole Thomson’s input in all our management decisions. There is no longer a disconnect between what we are all trying to achieve.

Committee Members:         

Prof Judith Brown AM Judith joined Mackay Choral Society in 2008 and was made a Life Member in 2015. Judith is our official accompanist and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Management Committee.
Daphne Goodson Daphne has been actively involved in choir activities since joining in 1982. Daphne has been an incredibly efficient Librarian since 2010.
Natalie Mallard Natalie has been a member of the choir since 2016. Natalie is responsible for the fantastic artwork on our publicity in recent years. Natalie has been the choir's Publicity Officer since 2019.
Sarah-Jane Cooke Sarah-Jane joined Mackay Choral Society in 2014. Sarah-Jane has been our uniform/costume coordinator since 2016 and is a mainstay of our fundraising activities.